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Resolution: learn a new craft

A workshop in which to gather these pieces together, Samatya

A craft workshop in which to gather these pieces together, Bazaar Bayar Samatya

Time for our winter hibernation to come to an end. There is just too much craft inspiration swirling around us, despite grey days and endless revelations worthy of the most outrageous soap opera in local and national political news.

Ready to leave the crazy news aside and be inspired as well? This recent Time Out Istanbul article compiles a host of wonderful places to be active in Istanbul in 2014, including our Bazaar Bayar. We “self-proclaimed color and fiber junkies” would like to invite you to let us know what workshops you’re interested in attending, and when! We’ll have more solid times posted soon, but meanwhile your input helps us come up with the best schedule for most.

Also, if you’re an artisan/crafter/artist/creativity fanatic living in the greater Istanbul area, join us in our newly created Facebook page, Handmade Istanbul. A place to share your work and get it seen in a closed group of like-minded local folk. We do limit membership to keep out the mass-produced riff raff. But pics of your work can be shared by members outside the group, hopefully to bring you local interest and sales, if that’s your desire. Join us!




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