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Turkish woven treasure preview…

Vintage Carpets Feb 2014

1 IMG_4543 Vintage Caucasian Carpet Wide Runner 10'10"x3'3" Vintage Caucasian Carpet 5'11"x3'8" Vintage Anatolian Turkish Carpet 6'7"x4'5" ShopIMG_4581

It’s my birthday today. I’ll be spending it taking pics of a color-drenched collection of vintage and antique carpets we’ve just received from a friend here in Sultanahmet who has decided to retire, closing his shop. We are so inspired to be living with these handwoven treasures for a time, and will be slowly sharing each of them here and in our Etsy shop.

Check back soon! Better yet, come visit us if you happen to be in Istanbul…

6 comments to Turkish woven treasure preview…

  • Gayle

    Your shop’s carpet collection is stunning and I can see why you enjoy selecting certain design to photograph. I know that the carpets are meant to be under foot, but I enjoy them on walls or over railings in homes. After all, they are art and many ways to display. That vivid dark blue carpet in the forefront stands out for me. A lover of true blue could have a whole room done around it! Alas, I have no more room. 🙁 I hope that you enjoy your birthday playing with these gorgeous pieces of ancient art.

    • Thanks Gayle! It was a good though tiring day of photographing and
      editing pics of 35 rugs of about 200 we have! Did not get to that blue one, but will post it here when we do. At least we never tire of
      looking at these beauties.

  • Margery

    I’ll never forget shopping for rugs with my mom in Turkey. What an experience! They sat us down with cups of hot tea, because it was going to take awhile, and took us through the entire process–showing us the dyes, the yarns, explaining it in vivid detail. There’s so much love in those threads.

    • There truly is, Margery. I’m glad that shopping here was such an unforgetable experience for you and your Mom. We love to explain all the details too – it’s important visitors understand these are not just mass-produced items, but the foundational art of the country. And tea is a cultural requirement of any possible business transaction, especially involving rugs!

  • Rachel Biel

    Happiest of days, Catherine! I hope you do something fun to celebrate besides working. 🙂

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