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Turkish Autumn: Mohair Throws

The season has changed here in Istanbul, overnight it seems, with dramatic thunderstorms and much needed monsoon rains. Suddenly, time to put away the sandals and summer dresses and bring on the boots and leggings. And a soft warm throw to ward against the chill evening breeze…

Write as I might, it’s best to show […]

Turkish woven treasure preview…

It’s my birthday today. I’ll be spending it taking pics of a color-drenched collection of vintage and antique carpets we’ve just received from a friend here in Sultanahmet who has decided to retire, closing his shop. We are so inspired to be living with these handwoven treasures for […]

Ancient temples, beehives and sacred fish

We continue our Turkish Tulip Trip…to Gobekli Tepe, Harran and Urfa.

Gobekli Site

The depth of history in the Turkish Southeast is truly mind-boggling. Nowhere is that more clear than at Gobekli Tepe, believed to be the world’s oldest temple, at an estimated 11,600 years of age. That’s 7,000 years older […]

Summer heat


Some projects need few words. Strange for me, one who loves to talk and write. But the artistry of Theresa May-O’Brien of Ikonium Studios in manifesting amazing colors and patterns in her work often leaves me speechless (quite the accomplishment).

So when she asked me to ‘fix’ […]

The language of women

Writers’ lives, reading history, social commentary, knitting, handmade adornments, women who challenge convention: I love them all. The best work arrives out of the blue, aligning these favorite endeavors into one design project. Like this hand knit wrap I designed, currently published as a pattern in Interweave’s inaugural issue of Jane Austen Knits 2011.


Streets lined in…

Well, in this case, not gold…but something we like just as much: hand-embroidered silk. Abit the treasure hunter was taking a shortcut home two nights ago from his Sirkeci workplace to our Kadirga home. So many streets are currently under renovation in Sultanahmet, worn old cobbles being replaced with newly hewn granite ones, that […]

Winter of our re-content

Winter is my time of self-invention.

My seasonal business in Turkey grows dormant when our town of Selçuk becomes a quiet and cold shadow of its summer self. This year we’ve even moved our vintage textile shop to entirely virtual locations. I head ten time zones west for a few months to see family and […]

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Change of Direction…

Travelling for work rescued me by changing my perspective, revealing how many ways life could be lived.   

I’m pleased to announce the first of my new series for expat +HAREM, the global niche… a neocultural hub for global citizens, identity adventurers, Turkophiles, intentional travelers + culturati of all stripes:


The ‘Tropical’ Greek Isle of Samos

Vathy Main Square. The statue of the ‘Samian Lion’ on the pedestal, which reminds me of the Venetian Lion, though in a different pose.Having 5 hours to spend in one place can either be a blessing or a curse, depending on the place, of course. It’s more than enough time to leisurely enjoy Samos Island’s […]