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Mardin: Peaceful east, protesting west

Go fly a kite: an assortment of bright paper creatures were flying above the Mardin Museum

The Turkish Tulip Trip continues, this time to the city of Mardin

Traveling in Southeastern Turkey may not be easy. Overcoming culture shock, covering long distances, walking in hot weather with little shade on uneven pavements, adjusting to […]

Safe, scary or a place for sharing?

With tulip leaves on our terrace well up, spring is on its way early here in unseasonably mild Istanbul. We are anticipating our May journey. Turkey has been in global news for some serious reasons already in this New Year, so it’s time for an update!

Closest to home, the disappearance and murder of […]

Full bloom


Until I moved toTurkey in 1999, I didn’t fully realize that a person could have more than one home, more than one country, more than one culture. That we don’t have to choose. Having a personal connection to multiple cultures is the best way we’ll learn to get along with each other on […]

Putting our lives on video: East meets West

  When it comes to squeezing your mission in life into a 3 minute video, it’s not the simplest thing. Especially since I’ve never done one before. But I have an urgent need to communicate a really big idea. An idea so big that it consumes my every waking moment, and often my dreams […]

Building up steam…

Our workshop project has some good exposure this week in Hand/Eye Magazine, a publication about connecting cultures and inspiring action, goals we can really agree with. Read more here: