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Paintbox Carpets

Original, bright, full of motion and vibrant color! Want one of these revitalized carpets? Contact us here.

8’7″ x 5’7″ (2.62 x 1.70)$1985

8’2″ x 5’1″ (2.50 x 1.56)$1750

8’2″ x 4’9″ (2.50 x 1.45)$1650

7’9″ x 4’11” (2.37 x 1.50)$1585

7’11” x 4’9″ (2.42 x […]

The alchemy of overdye

Original vintage Anatolian carpets

Textile romantics cannot bear to throw anything away. Especially vintage fibers that have been handspun and dyed, then woven into a rug using the knowledge gained by tradition, communicating the patterns of a timeless heritage. The pride and talent of an anonymous Anatolian woman, someone we’ll never know, leaves a […]

A verdant world within borders

After nearly 12 years in Turkeyand a lifetime of loving weavings and embroideries, I’m hardly an expertdespite a formal textile education. In a city like Istanbul,I’m surrounded by generations of rug merchants who could offer the equivalentof a PhD in techniques, styles and the various regions from which their warescome. While I’ve met a […]

Eight Thousand Years

Remnants of the outer walls of the Basilica of St John, with the Selcuk Fortress at the top

“My father found our new house”, my husband Abit told me as he came into our vintage textile shop one afternoon in late August 2005. Oh God, this was bound to be tough – what […]

Selçuk: An Aegean Home to Art

The historic valley on Turkey’s West Coast where we live has more than its share of diverse cultural attractions – from centuries of wonders at Ephesus, a city founded by a mythical tribe of women warriors known as Amazons, embellished by King Croesus, liberated by Alexander the Great and nearly […]

Turkish Textile Arts in Transition: A Brotherhood of Carpet Sellers

The Carpet Merchant, Jean-Léon Gérôme

The occupants of the cavernous room, with walls of hewn stone punctuated by arabesque carved doorways and filled with a soft light from above, are rapt with attention. Three men in flowing robes and large turbans watch while a barefoot carpet seller with a long beard works […]