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Lively Color: The Turkish Tulip

Home decor for lively spaces: an up-close look at handmade fiber art that brightens any space.

Blending and clashing like fields of tulips just burst from the ground, design is often the challenging act of reflecting Mother Nature in spinning yarns and combining colors. Whether random slashes like this ‘old wool’ kilim, or tidy […]

Another year over, a new one just begun

Welcome 2013!

Collaborating in fiber

Where to start: the felted body

Begin with a body of fiber art alchemy: naturally dyed wool and squares of bright silk in solid colors and ebru marbling. Then some cotton muslin worked in to keep the fibers stable. Shape and press and steam it – all by hand – until it conforms rather […]

This hybrid life

Bits + Pieces

I frequently refer to myself as a “hybrid”. As an American mashup of multiple European nationalities, my ancestry is commonplace, centuries old and frankly boring compared to the ethnic combinations of others I know.

A vintage embroidered + mirrored Indian bodice

Yet in almost 14 years being an expat/immigrant, hybrid […]

The alchemy of overdye

Original vintage Anatolian carpets

Textile romantics cannot bear to throw anything away. Especially vintage fibers that have been handspun and dyed, then woven into a rug using the knowledge gained by tradition, communicating the patterns of a timeless heritage. The pride and talent of an anonymous Anatolian woman, someone we’ll never know, leaves a […]

A verdant world within borders

After nearly 12 years in Turkeyand a lifetime of loving weavings and embroideries, I’m hardly an expertdespite a formal textile education. In a city like Istanbul,I’m surrounded by generations of rug merchants who could offer the equivalentof a PhD in techniques, styles and the various regions from which their warescome. While I’ve met a […]