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This hybrid life

Bits + Pieces

I frequently refer to myself as a “hybrid”. As an American mashup of multiple European nationalities, my ancestry is commonplace, centuries old and frankly boring compared to the ethnic combinations of others I know.

A vintage embroidered + mirrored Indian bodice

Yet in almost 14 years being an expat/immigrant, hybrid […]

Too too tulu


Turkish fiber arts were woven in the past with a purpose in mind: to carry belongings, to use as seating, to warm a floor. Always practical, yet beautiful and decorative too, through pattern, embroidery and other embellishment techniques.



But when it comes to sheer whimsy and exuberance, nothing comes close […]

Piece by piece

Stitching ourselves together, bit by bit…we think these rugs will help us offer women – local, visiting or expat residents like me – a place to connect, learn and create, and hopefully to revive some dying crafts. Read more here.

Spark into flame

The Romans thought of artists as “having a genius”. Unlike the modern humanist idea that artists ARE geniuses, they believed that artists were visited by entities that gave them a spark, an idea that either burst into creative flame or was dumped on the ash […]