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Reworking Threads

Photo: Theresa May Obrien

We’ve been on a rollercoaster ride here in my beloved city of Istanbul. A chaotic life has left me scattered, unable to write much, only make. But recently, an international women’s group asked me to reflect on the intersections of craft and culture, globalization and activism I’ve experienced in my 20 […]

Colorful sketches in yarn

“I tell my customers – I am addicted to playing with colors, thank you for supporting my habit.”

I met fellow color and fiber junkie Inese Liepina through a mutual designer friend in San Francisco, who introduced us via email on my birthday in 2010. Inese, raised in Chicago by parents […]

Connecting the cultural dots: Sultanahmet

Relishing the layers of inspiration in pattern, color and texture of Istanbul’s Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman past civilizations. The first of several posts about our spring Turkish Tulip Craft + Culture Trip: Sultanahmet

When Istanbul was green: a mosaic from the Great Palace of Constantinople, royal residence to the Eastern Roman or Byzantine […]

Paintbox Carpets

Original, bright, full of motion and vibrant color! Want one of these revitalized carpets? Contact us here.

8’7″ x 5’7″ (2.62 x 1.70)$1985

8’2″ x 5’1″ (2.50 x 1.56)$1750

8’2″ x 4’9″ (2.50 x 1.45)$1650

7’9″ x 4’11” (2.37 x 1.50)$1585

7’11” x 4’9″ (2.42 x […]

Another year over, a new one just begun

Welcome 2013!

That strange pull


That strange pull of what you love…

Autumn has always been my favorite season, for its palette of colors that so match my creative eye. Unlike the renewal of spring, that other season harbinging change, this time of year reminds us to prepare for the future, to harvest what we’ve grown, […]

Collaborating in fiber

Where to start: the felted body

Begin with a body of fiber art alchemy: naturally dyed wool and squares of bright silk in solid colors and ebru marbling. Then some cotton muslin worked in to keep the fibers stable. Shape and press and steam it – all by hand – until it conforms rather […]

This hybrid life

Bits + Pieces

I frequently refer to myself as a “hybrid”. As an American mashup of multiple European nationalities, my ancestry is commonplace, centuries old and frankly boring compared to the ethnic combinations of others I know.

A vintage embroidered + mirrored Indian bodice

Yet in almost 14 years being an expat/immigrant, hybrid […]

The alchemy of overdye

Original vintage Anatolian carpets

Textile romantics cannot bear to throw anything away. Especially vintage fibers that have been handspun and dyed, then woven into a rug using the knowledge gained by tradition, communicating the patterns of a timeless heritage. The pride and talent of an anonymous Anatolian woman, someone we’ll never know, leaves a […]

Eight Thousand Years

Remnants of the outer walls of the Basilica of St John, with the Selcuk Fortress at the top

“My father found our new house”, my husband Abit told me as he came into our vintage textile shop one afternoon in late August 2005. Oh God, this was bound to be tough – what […]